Shade Fabric

Why Shade Sails from Shade Design?

Standard shade sails are often densely woven, this traps hot air resulting in a higher temperature underneath the sails compared to the direct environment.

Shade Design Sails are knitted in special netting patterns allowing the hot rising air to pass through. The rising air attracts cooler air from the surrounding, thus enhancing airflow. Which in some cases results in a drop of 30% in ambient temperature.The area below a construction like this is cool and comfortable. This has surprised many of our customers.

Effecto of Shade Sails

Through its unique design our Shade Design sails block 95 % of harmful UV rays. This makes our shade a safe place to sit in. Especially for your children. International  research has shown direct relation between over exposure of the skin to the sun (for young children and adults) and skin cancer during adulthood.

Lona de toldos velas protege contra el sol