Our Approach

Can Xifra Shade Design IIA seven step Shade Design approach

  1. Initially we will ask you to send us a sketch of your outdoor area and some pictures. You can send an email to: info@shadedesign.eu
  2. We will give an initial estimation with possible options.
  3. If you are interested in the options, we can show you more examples of shade structures.
  4. At your house, school or any area that needs to be shaded, we will inform you what kind of shade solution is possibly best in your circumstances.
  5. We will supply a made to measure shade proposal, specified to your needs.
  6. We offer the possibility to generate 3D imaging of your situation.
  7. After your approval  we will start the placement of the structure. Depending on the season, the placement of the tensile structure and the custom made Shade Design sails will take 4-6 weeks.
Maintenance & Environmental policy
For the winter months we offer you the service of taking down, cleaning and storing the Shade Design Sails. In spring we put them back up again. You don’t have to do anything.  Ask for the Maintenance possibilities at info@shadedesign.eu.
Shade Design is conscious about the future and has an environmental policy which contains awareness of efficiency. We will always consider this policy by making our decisions concerning transport, cleaning and waste. If possible, Shade Design will recycle and deal with other like minded companies.