Shade Design

Welcome to Shade Design, your designer of shade!

Shade Design provides sun and UV protection through intelligently designed shade sail structures and durable materials. You have endless shade possibilities. You can choose from different colors, forms and finishing. Standard shade sails or tailor made for you!

Can Xifra Shade Design 01

For each shade design we calculate your optimal shading hours so you will have maximum shade throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Shade Designs sails are a great and economical alternative for awnings and  wooden or metal pergolas. We segment the use of shade structures in public, private, commercial and industrial use. To give you some examples we can shade: school yards, car parks, swimming pools, terraces, patios, carports, fruit yards and many more applications.

The common name in Australia is Shade Sail, but people also call them tensile structures, sun sails or shade blinds. We use shade sails from special shade fabric which you tension in a structure, such as between stainless steel posts.

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Paula: ‘My best buy last summer: by shading our patio we increased our living area in summer. And the color and form of the sail gave was a beautiful supplement to our house’.

Ruben: ‘What I really like about the shade sail next to my pool is the reduction of 95% of  UV, therefore a safe area for the children to play in. And in the evening we made a put our dining table and we had a cozy corner’.